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Farm Animal Learning


We encourage you to read through the following article:

After reviewing the information provided to you, you will quickly learn how beneficial animal interaction can be to a child's development. Animal interaction and learning basic animal husbandry skills encourages development socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Research continues to prove the benefits children experience when in an animal's presence. 

Animals trigger curiosity. Children are more likely to ask questions regarding the way an animal looks, how to handle it or even help take care of it when they are in the farm environment. The Sharon Family Farm (Little Farmers' family farm) has years of experience introducing children to animals through it's Mobile Petting Zoo, which has always lead to such excitement and joy. ​

Children in this program have the opportunity to learn the following items:

  -Properly cleaning and refilling water buckets and food               bowls
  -How to hold and groom each animal
  -How to clean stalls and replace old shavings with new
  -The different types of machinery on a farm
  -The life cycle of the animals that we breed on our farm
​    And Much More!

​Animals included in this program vary. We breed our own goats, rabbits and chickens year round so that we always have new babies. Other animals may be a miniature donkey, alpaca, sheep or pigs. All animals are seen annually by the vet, up to date on vaccinations and we are licensed by the Department of Agriculture as Class C Exhibitors of animals.