​​Little Farmers

Child Care Center



*We have "A" Weeks and "B" weeks for our Farm Animal Learning Center schedule. We make the learning center part of our schedule 3x per week. On days that we do not go in the barn, we do a theme related craft or activity. We do not do crafts/activities on days that we include the barn in our schedule as we are becoming a more play-based center. 

​Sample Schedule:

8:30-9:30: Free Play
9:30-10:15: Circle Time (story, show & tell, Spanish and sign language)
10:15-10:30: Snack Time
10:30-10:50: Learning Activity/Craft
10:50-11:00: Music, Singing and Dancing
11:00-11:30: Farm Animal Interaction and Learning
11:30-12:00: Outdoor/Indoor Free Play (weather permitting)
12:00-12:30: Lunch Time
12:30-1:45: Quiet Time (movie, story, coloring, puzzles)

1:45-2:15: Free Play
2:15-2:35: Outdoor Play

2:35-2:45: Snack

2:45-3:00: Circle Time (story, calendar chart, weather chart, learning review, letter recognition)

3:00-3:30: Writing Practice and Hands On Letter Recognition Activities

Per the state regulation, we must provide a quiet time for programs that last more than 5.5 hours. After discussing with past customers, we found that at home, most allow their children downtime consisting of laying down, watching tv or doing something quietly. We try to make our environment as close to that as possible. Our quiet time can consist of watching a movie/tv, coloring, puzzles, playdough, or anything else that can be done quietly OR children may nap in our quiet room. We understand not all preschoolers take a nap, so we can accommodate parents who choose either a nap or quiet time.



HALF DAY PROGRAM 8:45-12:00 @ $27.50/DAY

FULL DAY PROGRAM 8:45-3:30   @ $46.50/DAY


Three Year Olds - Two Day Minimum & must do 1 full day after 4 months of enrollment

Four Year Olds - Three Day Minimum - 2 Days must be full days, the rest may be half or full

Three Year Olds

You have the option to register your three year old for either the half day OR full day program. There is a two day minimum of either program.

Four/Five Year Olds

There is a 2 full day minimum - the rest may be half or full days. 

*Three year olds who turn four mid-school year must become full day students after their birthday.

The above requirements will apply in order to ensure that your child is as ready as can be for kindergarten. The two full day minimum applies, however, the closer your child becomes to becoming a kindergartener, the more full time your child should become in this program. 

2017-2018 School Year

*Secured Spot - 2 Day Minimum of either program

Half Day (8:30-12:00): $26.25 per day

Full Day (8:30-3:30): $45.50 per day

*No commitment Required/​Based on availability

Drop In - Half Day: $30 per day

Drop In - Full Day: $50 per day


School Year: 8/30/2017-6/13/2018

We track children's daily progress. You have access to your child's folder at all times. The daily write up may consist of a description of your child's day overall, educational progress, their social interactions, problems they may have experienced, activities, games and/or important parent information. 

Our teachers are dedicated to caring for, nurturing and educating all children enrolled in our preschool program. Our curriculum is aligned with preschool framework that the state provides us called CT ELDS. Each week we focus on one letter, sign language word and spanish word. In addition the preschool curriculum that we create, we teach kids responsibility through a variety of hands on, farm-based activities that take place in our Farm Animal Learning Center on a daily basis. 

*The following changes will be reflected for the school year or 2018-2019: