Why Choose Little Farmers for Your Child's Summer Camp?

Little Farmers' Summer Camp entails a variety of fun activities for children ages 3-9 years old. For summer camp, our facility is split into three rooms.  The preschool room (back room)  is appropriate for 3-5 year olds and our school age rooms (front room and upstairs room) are appropriate for 5-9 year olds. The school age program is most suitable for children 5-9. Regardless of which classroom your child is in, they are put in groups of no more than 10 children per teacher with children around their age group. We have a 32 child maximum (daily). 

Throughout the summer, we teach children about farming and agriculture through a variety of hands on activities and visuals. Our goal is to trigger curiosity about the farming industry. Demonstrations may be performed by professionals such as sheep/alpaca shearers, horse farriers, and goat milkers. Children have the opportunity to hold, pet, and have full interaction with all of the animals we have to offer. Children also get to witness the birthing of all types of animals, hatch eggs, watch the life cycles of the animals we breed at our farm, learn the ins and outs of cleaning a barn and much more! All animals are seen annually by the vet, their documentation is on site and we are licensed by the USDA as Class C exhibitors of animals. ​

Please understand that because we are a licensed child care center, the state regulations state that we provide a "quiet time" if the program runs longer than 5.5 hours. Therefore, after lunch, all children will participate in a one hour quiet period. At this time, preschoolers will lay down and watch a movie while the big kids also have the option to watch a movie in their room or do quiet activities (coloring, legos, puzzles, reading).

Little Farmers 

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Additional Entertainment

Each week of summer camp has a different theme. Based on the theme, we bring in additional entertainment such as bouncy houses, magicians, balloon twisters, clowns, musical programs, soccer programs, martial arts programs, mad scientists and more! There are no additional fees associated with the days that vendors visit the center. Vendors are scheduled one per week and are usually scheduled by March.


    8:45-9:15: Free Play
    9:15-10:00: Circle Time 
    10:00-10:15: Snack
    10:15-11:00: Outdoor Free Play or Craft (weather pending) 
    11:00-12:00: Farm Animal Learning Center
    12:00-12:30: Lunch
    12:30-1:40: Quiet Time (movie, puzzles, coloring, etc)
    1:40-2:20: Farm Animal Learning Center
    2:20-2:50: Circle Time & Games
    2:50-3:05: Snack
    3:05-3:30: Activity/Craft
    3:30-4:45: Outdoor Free Play


    8:45-9:30: Free Play & Group Game
    9:30-10:30: Farm Animal Learning Center
    10:30-10:45: Snack
    10:45-11:00: Activity/Craft
    11:00-12:00: Outdoor Games 
    12:00-12:30: Lunch
    12:45-1:45: Quiet Period (movie, coloring, legos)
    1:45-2:45: Outdoor Games
    2:45-3:00: Snack
    3:00-4:00: Farm Discussion & Barn
    4:00-4:20: Craft/Activity

    4:20-4:45: Indoor Group Game & Pick up


Registration & Cost of the Program

There is a $35 registration fee per child to reserve a spot in this program. Registration fees are refundable through May 1st, 2019.  You pay for all of the time you have scheduled your child for even if they are not in attendance as our teacher's schedules are aligned with our planned attendance.  You must mail in the summer form and deposit to reserve a spot. 

* You must register for at minimum, 5 days total of summer camp (not 5 days per week)

* Camp runs 6/26/18 - 8/16/18 * Closed July 4th

* Hours Open: M-TH 8:45-4:45 and Fridays 8:45-12:45

Program Rates:

Full Day Option (8:45-4:45):    $58/day

Half Day Option (8:45-12:45): $35/day

​Register for 15 days or more and receive 20% off per sibling (per week’s tuition). For a non-commitment schedule, you may call week to week to reserve a spot based on our availability for $10/hr.