Little Farmers 

Child Care Center LLC

Such an awesome place! Miss Jessica pours her heart and soul into this place and it shows!! She goes above and beyond for the sake of the kids and is so organized! My 4 yr old daughter attended the preschool program for the 16-17 school year. Then her and her older brother (6yrs) attended the summer camp 2 days a week. They always came home super happy and worn out from a busy and fun day! Sad it's come to an end! Hoping that our one year old can attend the preschool program in a couple of years!    -LAURA GOTTIER

I’m so glad we found Little Farmers. My daughter loves it there. Every time I drop her off it is so organized and structured and the kids are always having fun! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter has already learned so much. I highly recommend.   -Alissa Spak

I love the program and staff. Very professional and caring. The animals are amazing and so well kept and the children just love them!! What an amazing experience!! -Heather Fortier

Such a great opportunity for children to be hands on, learning about animals, and having a great time doing so. Absolutely love this program and believe that the staff are simply amazing. Keep up the great work! -Emily Noble

My 3.5 year old son attended this summer and loved it! What a great experience! -Tara McKernan

Little Farmers Child Care Center is amazing! The staff are friendly, and so knowledgeable. They are willing to do anything for the kids and truly do care about each and everyone of them. My son took awhile to adjust at first, but now he goes in and doesn't look back. Each day I pick him up from school, he tells me all about his day and the animals. He loves school and the friends he has made. Jessica is so organized and plans so many activities for the kids. It's truly amazing to know that I can go to work for the day and not have to worry about anything. We recommend Little Farmers to everyone! - Makayla houle

My son loves the time he has spent this summer at Little Farmer's and is looking forward to attending the after school program this year. A usual response to "what did you do today" resulted in a "not much" or "nothing"; this has not been the case since attending Little Farmer's. I get a complete run down on how the animals are doing, which new animals have arrived and everything he has learned about animal care that day. The daycare building itself is beautifully done and has so many nooks/centers for the kids to occupy themselves with. This is truly a fabulous addition to our community.           -Samantha Walbridge

Such a UNIQUE experience for children--my daughter asked us every day to go to camp! The staff was amazing, and my daughter came home so enthusiastic about animals and learning---highly recommended!
-Jenn badeau

Great idea to get young kids involved with agriculture! I wish there was more centers like this. -Jordan Texeria

I just wanted to let you know how well your school is going for R. He has gone to -- for the last year and a half, and was never happy. I wanted to take him out a long time ago but everyone said not too because it was a magnet school and that all kids just dislike school there is no way around it. Anyway, your school has shown me we made the right choice pulling R out of the --- school and bringing him to Little Farmers. He loves going and when I pick him up he talks my ear off with all the he learned and did for the day. He truly loves it. I was so nervous for him to go all day today because he just truly hated his old school and he couldn't have been happier when I picked him up. I was sincerely amazed with how well it went and all the exciting stuff he had to tell me about his day. So, thanks a bunch for making this transition such a great experience. Bringing him to your school was the best choice we could have made!  -Jena Grey

It's an amazing environment where children can learn while being cared for! -Kerri Kuroski

My daughter is attending summer camp here and the program is fantastic. There seems to be a perfect balance of structure and play-based learning and my child comes home excited to share details about her day. The animal experience is the icing on the cake- I can already see how this is fostering kindness and responsibility in my daughter.-Jenn McMunn

This place is amazing. Our daughter has been attending their preschool program over the summer and there aren’t enough great things we can say about Little Farmers. Miss Jessica and the entire team are incredibly friendly, caring and great with the kids. The children spend time with the animals every day, play outside, do beautiful crafts, read stories, play with the huge variety of toys etc. The facilities are brand new and spotlessly clean. There is a big emphasis on hygiene (e.g. kids use different clothes and shoes for the area with the animals, hands are washed all the time etc.). Also, it is very obvious how much care and preparation goes into their daily planning. They always do a themed craft and these have honestly been little pieces of art. Our daughter loves it there and asks when she can go back to see Penelope (the pig) – we couldn’t be happier!  - Jessica Martinez

My daughter is thriving at little farmers. It is an incredible program. 
-Becky Kellner

I am so happy to have my son involved in such a great program. This group of people, (staff & children) are amazing. My son is so excited to go to " Animal School" as he calls it. Little Farmers is something special!    -Wendy Williams

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica and her family for many years. They are wonderful people and this facility is fantastic. The animals are sweet and love the children. I highly recommend Little Farmers!
-Hannah Robbins

We love little farmers! It has been amazing to see our son grow and learn with there care! Would recommend it to anyone! - Beth Zahner

We love the staff, the daycare, the whole place. Kids love the animals, and my son loves his school. He loves bringing a show and tell item daily and it's been fantastic. 5 Stars all the way!! Highly recommended!! Keep up the great work Jessica and the entire Sharon Family 

-Coleen Faircloth

Some afternoon we feel like we have to drag our little daughter out of there because she loves it so much. She tells me, ‘I’m going to miss Little Farmer some day.’ on her morning commute in. Great experience for all the kids.

-Brent Barber

Little Farmers is amazing- both of my children love being here! My youngest is in the preschool program and he has grown in every way possible. His favorite animal is a goat and he has been learning the responsibility of caring for animals- while following a structured preschool program. Jessica is extremely organized and caring, it's quite apparent she's put her heart into Little Farmers. This is a very unique and rewarding experience that we are happy our kids could be a part of.  - Melanie Yost

My son is a handful and Jessica and her staff were amazing with him. First time since he ever started going to school he would tell me everything he did for the day. He loved all the animals, I can't wait to bring him back next year to do this again during the summer! Thank you again Jessica and staff, may you ladies have an amazing pre-school year! -Paula Beverage

Great people who take very good care of and truly love their animals. The center and all the little critters are always very clean. Any child would love to come spend their afternoons here!

-Scott Morey

Little Farmers is not your average preschool, they go above and beyond just teaching my child the standard preschool curriculum. She is taught responsibility and agricultural development by having chores and helping in the barn with all the different varieties of animals! Miss Jessica the owner takes the time to get to know your child and family, and has made my daughter absolutely love going to school! My son is two and can't wait to turn three so he can go! All the teachers are so helpful and kind. Can't say enough good about them all!  -Andrea Hany

At Little Farmers, children are able to learn in a unique setting with farm animals. LFCCC brings joy to kids of all ages and everyone learns something new each day. The staff truly care about each child and create a welcoming, loving environment that simply cannot be found anywhere else!

-Amaria Sharon

This is my sons first year and he is absolutely loving it, Miss. Jessica and the staff are fabulous. Cameron comes home super excited to tell us about his day, I really couldn't be happier that we picked this location to send him to. I can't wait until his sister can go too!

-Jessica Muraski

This is by far the best preschool and after school program. Excellent teachers and a very structured environment. Teachers always provide fun and engaging activities for the kids. The small group sizes provide excellent individual attention to each child. Great and unique incorporation of farm agriculture with preschool curriculum. Would highly recommend. -Katherine Ledermann

Our son has been attending little farmers since September. We are so happy with the expirience our son has had absolutely amazing! He loves it! Staff is great, very educational, affordable and they learn so much from the barn. Couldn't say 1 bad thing!! Thank u all for what you do for all these children! - Sara Christy

Our 4 year old son had had an exceptional time at this unique program each summer where he has participated in his 'farm camp.' Beautiful facility, excellent staff, and wonderful opportunities to build responsibility and experience special times with animals!  -AMY LEONARD


The Sharon Family Farm is owned and operated by a local, trusting, and compassionate family. Their service to those in our local community, children and adults alike, has been phenomenal. Jessica's passion and drive to instill nurturing education to youth about animals, farming & hygiene, all while fostering a child's imagination and personal growth is fabulous. Her caring and empathetic personality has been shown time and time again in her belief of education and acceptancethroughout the community. In her personal work, Jessica is a true advocate for acceptance of all children and adults with varying learning abilities and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities. To her, animals offer a universal language, perfect for any child's social and physical development. Jessica is a hard worker, kind-hearted soul, and a wonderful role model. I would send my children to her day care without hesitation! -Jessica Mckenty

Little Farmers is a wonderful program that offers a before/after school program, as well as, a preschool program. They offer a unique experience where children get to interact with a variety of farm animals. Owner and head teacher, Jessica, helps guide children in the barn teaching them about the animal and barnyard chores. Children learn a sense of responsibility and pride for the work that they do. Little Farmers offers children an abundance of opportunities to learn and grow as individuals.  -Amanda collins

We have had an excellent experience here with my daughter! She loves this enriching, hands on experience of taking care of the animals. The staff are all so nice, and the facility is very clean. -Ela Chojnicki

Our 3 year old son has been attending since the beginning of the school year, and started as a very reluctant 2 1/2 year old. Through months of constant reassurance, lots of patience, trial and error and lots of love, the wonderful staff at Little Farmers were able to help him settle in and learn to separate from Mom, transition between activities and engage with his peers. He comes home each day excited to tell me about what he learned in the barn and what animals he interacted with. As a plus for parents, there's nothing cuter than an afternoon pickup where you see your child running with goats and pigs in the yard. It's a truly unique experience that I am so grateful for. I can't thank them enough for all of the extra effort they put in every day for our children. We love Little Farmers and would recommend them to any parent looking for a nurturing, caring, fun and unique learning atmosphere for their little ones. -Jessica Newman

Went to the open house today and I am very impressed with the facility and the staff! I love the educational experience that they offer with the animals! They have done a beautiful job! Congratulations on your opening!!!.  -Amy Wetzler

Our son, Andrew, has grown in so many ways at Little Farmers Child Care Center, and we have so much to thank them for ! He has a new found love of not only caring for animals, but has gained confidence and character to last a life time ❤️ Jessica and staff of the preschool program are top notch and have exceeded our expectations. I would, and often do, whole heartedly recommend this preschool anyone !  - Sarah Martino-Kelly

Little Farmers is the best preschool! Our daughter loves going to school, she loves her teachers! All the teachers have done a wonderful job teaching her. We were worried that our daughter would have difficulty being away from us but it turns out she loves school so much she gets upset when the weekend comes around. There is not one negative that we could say. I highly recommend this preschool.  -Stephanie Sprague