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Olivia (Substitute for all ages)

Summer Camp - Assistant Teacher

When I turned 11 years old I knew I wanted to start babysitting. I received my babysitting license that year and started watching my little neighbor all summer. I love being around kids and little farmers gave me that opportunity over the school year and this summer camp.

I’m ending my sophomore year in high school, playing lacrosse and running cross country. I’ve done multiple sports throughout my life including dance, karate, basketball, soccer, and track and field. I have a strong passion for music and I’ve been playing the flute since fourth grade. I love spending time with my family, being with my little brother, enjoying my dog, hanging out with friends and going on runs. 

When I was in Tolland Intermediate School I went to Little Farmers throughout the school years and over the summer. I loved being outside and in the barn spending time with all the animals and making new friends. I’m so excited to be a part of the Little Farmers summer camp this year and meeting everyone!

I’m currently a Junior at Westfield State University and grew up in Tolland.  I started babysitting at sixteen and instantly loved spending time with children, helping them and being involved in their day to day activities.  

My major at school is Health Science and I hope to someday be a Physician’s Assistant with a focus in Pediatrics, and working at Little Farmers Childcare Center has given me a great opportunity to work with kids while I’m not in school!  I enjoy being outside and have been a student-athlete my entire life.  I’ve played hockey, lacrosse, track and field, and was a competitive dancer for fifteen years, and currently play for the Westfield State Lacrosse team. 

 In my free time I enjoy painting and drawing, spending time with family and friends, volunteering, and hanging out with my dog and cat!  I’m super excited to be joining the Little Farmers team this summer and meeting everyone!  It seems like a great place for kids to be active and have a unique experience.  

Summer Camp Teacher

Preschool & Summer Camp Teacher

My name is Julia and I am 15 years old. I  attend Tolland High School, and I am excited to join the Little Farmers staff this summer! I enjoy working with both children and animals. 

I first met Miss Jessica and the barn animals from Little Farmers when they came to my house for my 4th birthday party! 

I love to babysit, and have also volunteered many hours working with small children at camps, my church and student teaching dance classes. I have been dancing for 10 years,  having competed the last 2 years, and I also play volleyball for THS. 

I hope to one day work with young children, maybe as a teacher or physical/speech therapist. 

Upon employment, all teachers complete a background check by the Office of Early Childhood. Post-interview, teachers come in for a "working interview" so that we can observe their interactions with the children.  We take great pride in all of our hard working teachers! 


Emma (6-8 year old group)



Chelsea (Pre-k Group for camp) 

Head Teacher & Director

Preschool Head Teacher & Summer Camp Teacher

Brenda (3-4 year old group)



Summer Camp Teacher

Miss Deanna has a BA in psychology from UMASS Amherst, a MA in Elementary Education and an MA in Child

and Developmental Psychology, both from UCONN. She has been an at-home mom with her 3 children - 25 year

old identical twin daughters, and an 18 year old son. She also loves being "Auntie Dee" to her 7 nieces and nephews

and has 3 dogs at home!

She has always enjoyed working with children, starting with babysitting when she was 12. She worked with

preschoolers in college, serving as a Community Residence counselor at a group home for developmentally delayed

children and teens, student taught second graders in Ashford, and served as the 4 year old teacher at Mount Olive

Daycare Programs in Hartford.  She has also volunteered in several roles with children, including the Teen Mom

Mentor Program at Rockville Hospital, and teaching Sunday school, running her church nursery program, and

acting as a Sunday School Superindendant. 

"I really enjoy working with preschoolers. I have loved being home with my own children, and feel that I can offer the perspective of an experienced mom and teacher. I've seen the stages and experienced the joys and challenges of young children.  Although my MA is in elementary education, when I worked at Mt Olive, I realized that the little ones were my real interest- they are so lively and active, creative and loving. I'm excited to learn and grow along with the children and staff here at Little Farmers!   -Miss Deanna

At eleven years old, I started babysitting when I first became an aunt. I have two nieces and a nephew! You

could often find me snuggling them as babies, and as they have grown older, creating dance/singing routines,

baking cupcakes, and conducting mad science experiments. My goofy auntie side comes in handy to cheer up

any sad Little Farmers!

In high school, I volunteered in my niece's kindergarten classroom. That is when I first thought about teaching

preschool. In college, I volunteered at the Lutz Children's Museum in Manchester, CT. Their hands-on teaching

and family involved approach to early learning perked my interest in lifespan development. In 2017, I

graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family

Studies. In 2018, I received my Head Teacher Certification from the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

I have worked for Little Farmers Child Care Center for over two years and fell in love with the center on my first day. After receiving my Head Teacher Certification, I began planning the lessons and activities for the center. I have cherished creating valuable lessons and engaging learning experiences for the children who come through our doors. I love the excitement children have for new experiences and helping them cultivate that excitement into a lifelong love of learning, brings me great joy.

I am lucky I had a grade school teacher that has inspired me throughout my entire journey to where I am today. I learned many lessons from her as a student, and as the teacher I am today. As a preschool teacher, I strive to help your child develop a strong foundation for their future teachers to build upon.

I will leave you with a few fun facts about me! I love baking, reading, and crafting. Also, I worked as an ice cream scooper for five years at Fish Family Farm in Bolton, CT. There are twin cows named after me, Nattie and Tallie! I look forward to meeting you and your family! I am always around to answer questions at drop off and pick up. 

* Miss Natalie overlooks all program operations, creates our curriculum and communicates with our families on a daily basis. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved working with children. I was born and raised in Tolland and have grown up babysitting for many families in town. I started caring for children when I was 14 years old and have continued to do so throughout the years. When I was in high school, I became an aunt for the first time, and nothing has made me happier! Being an aunt has been by far one of the greatest things I could have ever imagined. I have been my niece and nephews’ nanny since they were born, and it is one of the most joyous and rewarding jobs!

My passion for working with children has followed me through high school, college and even early in my career. Throughout my schooling, I volunteered in several different classroom settings ranging from Preschool to Grade 3, and most recently worked as a paraprofessional for a Kindergarten classroom in Birch Grove. I graduated from UConn in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies and began working at CT Children’s Medical Center as an Administrative Assistant in the Endocrinology department. After working there for 3 years, I realized my dream job would allow me to work directly with children, helping them to learn new things, master a new skill and grow into the best they can be.

In my spare time, I love to be outdoors going on long walks and hikes with my 3-year-old fur baby, Sophie. I also enjoy spending time with my family, especially our summer vacations on Cape Cod and adventures at Disney World!

I look forward to applying my background and interests as we all learn and grow together at Little Farmers!

Summer Camp Teacher

Preschool & Summer Camp Teacher

Owner/Director/Head Teacher

Summer Camp - Assistant Teacher

Preschool & Summer Camp Teacher




Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to work with children. To this day, my parents still tell me how I was always helping with my younger brother growing up (we're only 2 1/2 years apart!). I started babysitting neighborhood children at a young age, and got my first job at a daycare when I was 16. I worked there all through high school and college and found that I loved working with the preschoolers the most! I attended Eastern Connecticut State University and received a Bachelor's Degree in English and Psychology, and a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I am certified to teach PreK-Grade 3, and have 10 years of experience as a Public School Teacher, with most of my time spent teaching 2nd and 3rd grade. 
I have two young daughters of my own and wanted to take a step back from the busy public school setting in order to spend more time with them. I am excited to be circling back to preschool age, where I began my teaching career many years ago!
I am a huge animal lover and would love to have my own dog rescue/sanctuary one day (maybe when I retire!) I have a dog named Ziggy, and an "Angel Dog" named Peppi. In my spare time, I love to read, exercise, and go to the beach!
 I can't wait to combine my passion for teaching with my love for animals here at Little Farmers!

I look forward to applying my background and interests as we all learn and grow together at Little Farmers!


Preschool Teacher

Meah (6-7 age group)

- Masters Degree in Early Childhood                 - Experience Teaching in Public Schools.               - Teaching Certification

​​​At the age of 16, I became the youngest person hired at the Tolland Family Resource Center. Just

weeks into the job, I realized how much I enjoyed working with both children and parents alike. I quickly

became a one-on-one to majority of the special needs children enrolled in the program, which continued

for several years following the beginning of my employment. I worked with children ages 3-12, bouncing 

between the primary and elementary schools.

Meanwhile, my father began creating a Mobile Petting Zoo Service.  While working
full time at the FRC

during the week, I became fully involved in our Petting Zoo's weekend operations. By the time I was 20

years old, I was on the road driving our 36 ft trailer to 3-5 schools in a day with the help of an employee. I successfully introduced thousands of CT children to our farm animals at daycares, birthday parties, festivals and more in our eight years of operation! My passion for animals developed at a very young age, however, little did I know that working with children would be an even more rewarding path.

After high school, I attended Saint Joseph College while continuing to run the Mobile Petting Zoo. I created programs that met the needs of each client throughout the years. While pursuing my education and becoming more knowledgeable of the business industry, I felt that a more consistent and educational program could be established where I could work with both children and animals on a daily basis without having to travel across the state.  After purchasing the property where Little Farmers is now located, my father and I spent two years reconstructing the 1810 structure into what is now a beautiful licensed child care center. Just a walk next door, the children get to visit the Sharon Family Farm every other week for barn lessons and animal interaction. My passion for working with children and animals together has grown tremendously! Nothing is more rewarding at the end of the day than walking away from your job knowing that not only did you make an impact on a child, but you (unknowingly in their eyes) taught them responsibility. I have finally pursued my dream of operating my own preschool program! Little Farmers opened July 2015. Thank you for considering my program for your child's education!

Teachers during our school year program: Chelsea (2's-4's),  Terri (4's-6's), Deanna (4-6's), Hanna (4-6's), Melissa (3-6's)

Teachers during Summer camp: Hanna/Chelsea/Terri (prek/K), Emma/Melissa (6-8's), Erin (8-11's)

Terri (Pre-k Group for camp)


Ever since I was little, I have always loved playing school with my siblings and friends. I knew I wanted to work with kids and have a classroom of my own one day. 

When I studied at the University of Connecticut, I experienced a rollercoaster of decisions, trying to figure out what kind of educator I wanted to be when I graduated. I began my journey as a music education student, studying voice as my concentration and, soon after, realized I wanted to have a career in educating students on the subject of English Language Arts. I studied elementary education for a while and finally realized I wanted to devote myself to secondary education!

I currently teach grade 8 English Language Arts at Tolland Middle School and I am absolutely in love with my job! I also really enjoy working with kids of all ages. I spent much of my teen years babysitting my nieces and nephews and during the past two summers, I have enjoyed teaching 3rd - 5th graders during Tolland’s Extended School Year program. 

While teaching is my passion, I also enjoy crafting, making jewelry, playing piano, and singing. I love to spend time with my parents, siblings, friends, and my family’s cat, Cucumber! I am totally excited to be working with the team at Little Farmers this summer and cannot wait to see what this amazing program has in store for the kiddos. :)

Summer Camp - Assistant Teacher


Chelsea (All Ages)

Sophia (3-7 age group)

Throughout my childhood and adolescence years, I have loved working with children and animals. I am presently in high school at Tolland High and hope to pursue a career in pediatric medicine upon graduation. I thoroughly enjoy working with children, watching them grow, learning and understanding the world around them. I have had the honor to be part of the Little Farmers community as a volunteer over the last couple of summers. Prior to this, I would attend Little Farmers as a camper where my love of animals flourished. 

As a high school student, I am diligent with my studies and  participate in athletics. I play on the Tolland soccer and basketball teams. Sports have been an important part of my life and have shaped me to be the best version of myself as l have understood the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming summer at Little Farmers - to learn, play and grow together. 

Preschool & Summer Camp Teacher

Julia (3-7 age group)

Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to work with kids. I was the oldest sibling of four and was always the one to help with the babies in the family. Often, I was the one at any family function that you could find entertaining the kids. When I was 14 years old, I started working at a dance studio in my town as an assistant teacher in preschool classes and not long after did I have classes of my own. Soon after that I was running summer camps based on dance as well with all different ages. I have taught dance for 11 years now and love the bond I get to make with students and parents each year. When I was in high school, I worked at a daycare in the toddler room after school and through the summer of my senior year.  For the past three years I have worked in the public school’s system as a Paraprofessional in special education. Working in my profession is never easy but it is the most rewarding, I strive each day to help make a difference in any child’s life. 
In my free time I love to explore new places, I hope to one day visit the Grand Canyon. I also love to go to the beach and spend time with family and friends. My fur baby, Milo is my pride and joy and I like to think I am his too. 
 I cannot wait to start summer camp at Little Farmers and get to know all the kids and staff members. I think putting farm animals and children together makes for the perfect day!

After graduating from Tolland High School a "few" years ago, I started my career at Travelers Insurance Cos/Hartford. At that time, I decided to give it two years before deciding on my next venture. Fast forward forty-two years later, I retired and decided ok, it's now REALLY time to decide my next venture - that lead me to working with children!

In my free time, I enjoy mainly outdoorsy activities including gardening, walking and frequent trips to the ocean. The center of my being is of course family and close friends - I'm grateful that with my current job, I have a bit more time for the important things in life.

Erin (8-11 year old group)

Hello! I am so excited to be joining Little Farmers this summer and helping your children grow, explore and develop into the awesome little human beings they are meant to be! 

I am 31 years old with a Masters degree in School Counseling and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. For the past five years I was an Elementary School Counselor and although I enjoyed my job my heart was calling me to a quieter, slower life that allowed me to focus more on my family. Currently, I am a Substitute Teacher and enjoy working in the classroom with all grade levels.

I have always carried a passion in my heart for working with children. In my previous years I have been a camp director, nanny, pre-k teacher, basketball coach and so much more. In my spare time I enjoy volunteering and singing at our local church, baking new recipes with my sourdough starter, going for walks with my husband and reading outside with my dog Gypsy. 

I am looking forward to getting to know your family and enjoying the summer days together!

Summer Camp Teacher

"I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2018 with a Bachelors of Science in Speech,

Language and Hearing Sciences. I love being able to help people and working with children is a

passion of mine.

Most recently I have been a volunteer at Natchaug Elementary School in the Speech Classroom for

over a year now and I have also volunteered at two other schools in Baltimore from 2014-2016. I

have worked with children ages 5-12.  One of my highlights was being able to spend time at a school

for children with speech and hearing disabilities. I loved being able to see the progress the children

made in the classroom. Seeing a child’s growth first hand really cemented my passion for continuing to work with children in the future.

 I have two little dogs at home, Bella and Lily.  I love being able to spend time with them. I have always loved how animals can bring out wonderful qualities in people. I am looking forward to working at Little Farmers with the talented staff of teachers. I am most excited to get to know all of the students as we work together in this unique preschool program to foster a great learning environment. 

I have been enjoying working with children from pre-k to eighth grade for many years in public

schools, church, and scouts. For several years I worked as a literacy interventionist and love sharing

books with students and helping them connect with the story or bring curiosity to a nonfiction book.

There have been some twists and turns to get to Little Farmers. I was a business major in college

and worked in telecommunications for several years before staying home with my children. I

volunteered with children during that time and some of the most fun I had was coordinating craft

projects to support learning in religious education programs and scout camp. I love seeing how

children use art to think about the themes they’re learning about and watching where their

creativity takes them. After these experiences, I knew I wanted to work with children, so I earned

my master’s degree in elementary education from Westfield (MA) State University while working as a substitute teacher. I’m glad to be to working with our young learners to get them started toward all the opportunities that their educations will bring and having wonderful experiences along the way.

My children are now a journalist, a PhD student and a communications coordinator with a literacy nonprofit, leaving in their wake, among other things, a dwarf bunny named Mozzie, all kinds of sporting equipment and shelves of books. My husband and I also share the house with Gordon, a rescue dog of unknown breeds. Now that I’m no longer spending hours in a van-and don’t even need a van-I enjoy throwing balls for Gordon, reading, gardening, sewing, crocheting and trying out other crafts.

I’m excited to bring my experiences to Little Farmers and continue to learn with the staff and children.