Little Farmers

Child Care Center LLC

2 Anthony Rd

Tolland, CT


Learning about and caring for animals plays a role in any child's development.  Research continues to prove the benefits that animals have on a child's growth. 

After running our family's mobile petting zoo service since 2008, we learned the joy and curiosity that the animals bring to people of all ages!  We've further pursued the concept of allowing children to learn about and interact with a variety of farm animals as an opportunity to assist in their growth in all developmental areas by creating the program that we have.  Below are our animals! In addition to the ones pictured, we have Donald the Duck, Tom the Turkey, and baby bunnies/chicks/ducklings seasonally!

Our animals are seen annually by Fenton River Vet here in Tolland. All of the animals receive annual vaccinations and are checked over daily for any sign of injury or illness prior to their interaction with the children. Majority of the animals have been raised on our farm since birth, therefore, making excellent pets for education!

When the children arrive at the farm, they're offered a handful of unique opportunities. We start off our visit with a short lesson with the topic of the week, which could be anything from learning about different breeds to the purpose of each animal (milk, meat, pets) - these lessons become popular talks at your dinner table. The kids get to then interact directly with the animals by petting, brushing and observing! There is much sensory involvement during this time. After our animal interaction, we teach the children how to clean out the animal's stalls, wash their buckets, collect eggs, sweep, put new shavings down and more! It's a very hands on experience and the children absolutely love it!

How do kids benefit from growing up on or visiting a farm:

  • It teaches them responsibility

  • It teaches them about the circle of life

  • It builds character

  • Instills good work ethic

  • Creates a strong sense of passion, love and respect for all living things

  • Promotes development of language
  • ​Improves problem solving skills
  • A grown appreciation for nature
  • Builds fine and gross motor skills
  • Encourages sensory development
  • ​& Much More!